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1 x pair Black Sunvisors with the herringbone finish


These have been made to precise dimensions from genuine NOS Sunvisors.

Genuine Holden Part / No 2823213 and 2823214

There were two types of manufacture processes for these sun visors.

The first being a wire frame type (limited production) which was superceaded by the self skinned molded type. (most common)

We have made the most common type, being the self skinned molded type.

They come in black ONLY. And are easily painted to any colour you wish.

We have taken particular notice of the herringbone finish of which there are many variants.

We have used as our guide a sample of an NOS Genuine Holden herring bone roof lining material.

These are sold as a pair LH & RH.

They DO NOT come with pivots or mounting screws.



Fitment is simple.

Slide sunvisor onto the pivot bracket until correct alignment is met.

Then simply install screw. DO NOT over tighten as damage may occur.



Quality Checklist NOS Replicas


Colour - Black

Fitment - Has been installed onto pivot bracket and is 100% correct fit