Holden HQ GTS Monaro Natural GUNMETAL GREY Dash Facia  - Brand NEW

  • 100% Australian Made.
  • Made right here in NSW Australia.
  • Help support Australian manufacturers and buy quality Aussie Products

What we have here is a HQ GTS dash fascia in gunmetal grey.

The best way to describe this product is as follows. NEW moulding from the machine. The fish scale finish has no multi-layered paint finish. It is as it comes from the machine.

All bezels have been painted in Gun Metal.  Also has the lighter and lights wording correctly stamped on.

We also have these available in Silver & Black

Quality Checklist  - NOS Replicas

1. Colour - Gun Metal 

2. Fitment - Has been installed in housing 100% fit

3. Manufacturing technique - As per genuine

4. Printing - Lighter and Lights.  Size as per original 98%



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Tags: dash facia

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