WHITE YAMAHA YZ Oval Front Number Plate kit NOS-Y6


Yamaha Vintage YZ 125 250 360 A Oval front number plate


These are the perfect replica for your vintage YZ

They have the same manufacturing technique as original ( injection moulded )

They are 99% match to original.

The copy was taken from an NOS item.

Please note: 

YZ 125A as in photo will NOT come with attaching bolts and cable guide as pictured.

The YZ 250A and YZ360A will come with exact copies of number plate stays and mounting band.

All 125A's will come with number plate stays and band as per 250, 360 and not with screws, nuts as per original.

We are working on replicating YZ 125A mounting kit.

Also supplied with satin finish black decal.

This product has been extensively tested and will fit correctly

Please note: Our number plates have all drilling templates just like the last that were produced for Yamaha.


Quality Checklist - NOS Replicas


 Colour - White (color match 99%)

 Fitment - YZ 125, 250, 360 A

 Manufacturing technique - As per Original (injection moulded)



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